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Joker director reportedly wanted for other DCEU movies

The director of the critically acclaimed movie Joker, Todd Phillips, is reportedly being eyed by Warner Bros to make more DCEU movies

Joker director reportedly wanted for other DCEU movies

Todd Phillips, the filmmaker behind the Academy Award-nominated DC movie, Joker, is reportedly being eyed by Warner Bros for more flicks in the superhero franchise.

The new CEO of Warner Bros Discovery, David Zaslav, is looking to kickstart a new strategy, with three branches of the company all functioning under its own form of leadership: Warner Bros.-New Line, DC, and Animation. As such, the studio will be focusing more on its DC flicks, which (unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe) are rarely connected in a continuous timeline and often take place in separate universes from one another. Sorting out the direction of the DC Extended Universe remains one of Warner’s biggest challenges. Apparently, Zaslav is turning to the man behind the 2019 thriller movie and box-office hit, Joker, for a collaboration.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources say Zaslav has asked Phillips, “to do more in the DC universe, potentially acting as an advisor though he will not serve in an executive capacity”. The publication goes on to reveal that “a knowledgeable source” has also disclosed that Phillips and Zaslav have discovered a rapport, despite Phillips not being an expert on “the broader DC universe.”

One of the strengths of the MCU is that Kevin Feige has served as a continuous voice and overseer of all its properties, both in TV and film. The DCEU, on the other hand, has lacked such leadership, resulting in stand-alone features such as The Batman, and Joker, existing outside of the timeline.

Besides looking at Phillips to bring more films to the IPs slate and playing a major part in the franchise’s future, Zaslav has also been in conversation with former Disney studio chairman Alan Horn about serving as an advisor as he launches his new management strategy.

Currently, there has been no firm commitment from either Phillips or Horn. However, all these ongoing conversations do spark hope for the DCEU, and with Phillips potentially on board, the studio will likely produce another critical and financial winner.