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Save $64 when you buy the Complete Waltons box set on Amazon

With The Waltons' Homecoming on the horizon, now is the ideal time to revisit this classic chow.

The Walton family posing for a picture, circa Season 1.

With its folksy charm and iconic sign-off line – who hasn’t said goodnight to someone without adding “John-Boy” at some point? – retro TV show The Waltons makes for surprisingly feel-good viewing. With the new installment in the series, The Waltons’ Homecoming, due to premiere in December, now’s a great time to refresh your memory of this cult classic and if you buy the complete DVD set now on Amazon, you’ll get $64.82 (38%) off, bringing the price down to $105.17.

The Waltons captures just the right balance of tackling social issues in a progressive way, while telling a compelling story about a poor American family living through the Great Depression and then the Second World War. With nine seasons, each with over 20 45-minute episodes, The Waltons is a show that can keep you occupied for a long time.

The show has a renewed significance today, with many of the progressive themes becoming particularly pertinent when viewed against recent events. With different episodes dealing with xenophobia, fascism, violence against women, antisemitism, discrimination and other hot topics, this is a show that was very far ahead of its time. It can be comforting to see such a beloved show speaking out against the ills of the world.

The Waltons’ Homecoming is going to be a remake of the 1971 Christmas movie from which the series originated, but with Richard Thomas resuming his role as an older John-Boy, it appears as though it’s going to work as both a reboot and a continuation of the original timeline at the same time. Naturally, fans are very excited about this new movie and the good news is that it’s already available to pre-order on DVD with $5 off the RRP.

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If you were planning on revisiting this classic show before the reboot, and want a copy of all nine seasons to keep for good, then now’s your chance. Buying both the complete set and the new movie together today would be less than just buying the complete set under normal circumstances. If you know anyone who was a fan of the show, buying both of these together would be an excellent way to ensure that they have a very happy holiday season.

It is unclear exactly how long these two deals are going to last, so make sure you nab these DVDs before it’s too late. Check out our Black Friday entertainment deals guide for more great discounts just like this one.