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Cloverfield 2 is copying the best part of the first monster movie

Viral marketing is an ingenious way of drumming up support for new movies, and upcoming horror movie Cloverfield 2 looks set to continue this trend.


Cloverfield 2 has been in the works for a while, but if you need any further proof that the new movie is on the way, just head to the previously-defunct Slusho website. That’s right, the Alternate Reality Game (ARG), which was first established over a decade ago to help market the first monster movie, is up and running once again.

ARG marketing, and indeed Slusho, has always been a big part of the horror movie franchise. The first teaser for Cloverfield was unveiled back in 2007 and led viewers down a rabbit hole of puzzle games and lore related to Slusho, which, ultimately, pieced together the origins of the movie’s monster and the backstories of other characters.

While JJ Abrams is directing the thriller movie sequel, Matt Reeves, who directed the first Cloverfield film, explained more about the significance of ARGs and Slusho to the ‘2000s movie in an interview with IESB.net.

“There’s a […] sort of ‘meta-story’ that is part of – almost like an origin story – that is connected,” he explained. “It’s almost like tentacles that grow out of the film and lead, also, to the ideas in the film. And there’s this weird way where you can go see the movie, and it’s one experience. It’s a big, really satisfying and really thrilling experience.”

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“But there’s also this other place where you can get engaged where there’s this other sort of aspect for all those people who are into that,” he added. “So Slusho and its connection to the film and how it plays out with the website and the commercials and all that, it all has a kind of story to it. All the stories kind of bounce off one another and inform each other.”

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