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Barry season 3 to premiere this April

Barry starring Bill Hader is finally set to return to HBO Max on April 24 for the long-awaited season three

Barry Season 3

The long wait for fans of actor-assassin Barry is finally over because season three is coming to HBO Max in April. And Bill Hader is promising that “even more bad things happen.”

There is still time to catch up on seasons one and two before the April 24 premiere date if you want to find out how Barry, a former marine, became a hitman under the ‘mentorship’ of Fuches (Stephen Root). And how he became embroiled with a theatrical troupe led by Gene (Henry Winkler) and became close to aspiring actress Sally (Sarah Goldberg). And, perhaps, most importantly, how Barry became frenemies with NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan).

Bill Hader has twice won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his portrayal of the perpetually conflicted Barry, who is trying to escape a life of violence. However hard he tries, his actions always have knock-on effects that mean more people have to be killed. “Season three, more than anything, shows the ramifications of (Barry’s violence)” Hader told the Television Critics Association recently, according to JoBlo.

“What’s interesting all of the wreckage of seasons one and two that Barry had to do to keep the plates spinning … all goes back to his decision to become an actor,” added Barry co-creator Alec Berg. “I really enjoy the fact that everything that happens in the show is a consequence of Barry wanting a better life and every bit of that better life he’s trying to achieve has led to all this chaos.”

The official synopsis for season three is as follows; “Desperate to leave his violent past behind in favour of his newfound passion, Barry (Hader) is attempting to untangle himself from the world of contract killing and fully immerse himself in acting. But getting out is messy. While Barry has eliminated many of the external factors that pushed him towards violence, he soon discovers they weren’t the only forces at play. What is it about his own psyche that led him to become a killer in the first place? Season three finds Barry and the other characters trying to make the right choice.”

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