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All My Friends Hate Me trailer reveals new British comedy movie

All My Friends Hate Me is a new British comedy movie about growing out of your old friends, and the trailer shows not everyone's in on the jokes

All My Friends Hate Me trailer

Sometimes, part of growing up is understanding our friend circle wasn’t the healthiest. All My Friends Hate Me is a new comedy movie about revisiting old acquaintances, and finding the classic punchlines aren’t funny in quite the same way.

Tom Stourton plays Pete, a man who’s preparing for the quiet life with his long-time girlfriend. He decides to have one last hurrah before doing so with some pals that want to host him for his birthday. A booze-filled country getaway takes a slightly darker edge when hunting is involved, and some offhand remarks and glances indicate maybe the heyday he remembers wasn’t quite so glorious.

The trailer demonstrates the paranoia, with Pete becoming increasingly aware of opinions and discussions that’s not been privy to. They’re staying in a massive country manor – very much counter to Pete’s belief they aren’t steretypically posh – and it all has the vibe of a psychological thriller movie. Instead of scares, it’s all played up for giggles, but you know what they say, it’s all fun and games until someone’s chasing you with an axe.

Andrew Gaynord directs the film, from a script by Stourton and Tom Palmer. Georgina Campbell, Joshua McGuire, Antonia Clarke, and Kieran Hodgson fill out the cast.

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The official synopsis reads: “Pete (Tom Stourton) is ready to leave his youthful indulgences behind and settle down with his girlfriend, Sonia (Charly Clive). When his uni friends invite him for a country weekend away to celebrate his birthday he finds their immature ways haven’t changed and he’s baffled by their spontaneous invitation to a feral stranger from the local pub to join them. With the atmosphere turning from tense to terrifying to surreal, Pete reaches breaking point. Is he being punished? Is he being paranoid? Or is he just part of some sick joke?”

All My Friends Hate Me is in UK cinemas June 10.