Adam Sandler reveals his father’s advice for getting bad reviews

Adam Sandler movies are known to be as divisive as they are popular, and in a new AARP interview, he shared how his dad advised him on bad reviews

Adam Sandler in Hustle

Adam Sandler movies are a staple in the comedy scene, for better and for worse.

From Happy Gilmore to The Wedding Singer and Grown-Ups, the comedian has built up quite a collection of comedy movies over the years. However, while some of his films like the rom-com 50 First Dates were hits, other films like Jack and Jill, where Sandler plays Jill, the eccentric twin sister of the character Jack, were relentlessly panned by critics.

Either way, some might say that the actor and director’s recent work has lost the magic of his hit ‘90s movies, but when it comes to harsh criticism from reviewers and fans, Sandler shared that there’s one person out there who can help him put these comments into perspective: his father.

He revealed as much in an interview with AARP, in response to being asked whether he takes any of the criticism he receives to heart. “Sometimes,” he admitted. “Mostly because I invite all these amazing people I care about to make movies with me, and I wish they didn’t have to read shit about whatever we’ve made.”

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“But I don’t get too shook up,” he added, “I always remember something my father said. He was a tough bastard. He went through ups and downs in his life, like not having work for a year or two and not telling us. I recall one time that something didn’t go right for me. I bombed onstage or didn’t get an audition. I was upset and probably embarrassed. And he said, ‘Adam, you can’t always be happy. People aren’t always going to like you. You’re going to fail.’ I said, ‘But I just want to be happy, man. I don’t want all that other crap.’ He said, ‘You won’t actually know you’re happy if you don’t feel that other stuff.'”

Sound advice, if you ask me! Sandler has just starred in Netflix movie Hustle, available on the platform now. If you’ve exhausted your list of comedy movies and still need a laugh, why not check out our guide to the best comedy series?