Kevin Costner has a sign for when he’s unhappy on Yellowstone

Kevin Costner gives away when he's having a disagreement during production on a TV series or movie, as noticed by other actors in the Yellowstone cast

Kevin Costner in Yellowstone

Besides being the main man in the Yellowstone cast, Kevin Costner is an executive producer for the drama series. That makes him an integral perspective in the storytelling of the Western-inspired show. Occasionally, that means butting heads with Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan, and according to one co-star, Costner has a tell when he’s less than ecstatic.

Talking on the Monday Morning Critic podcast, Rudy Ramos, who plays Felix Long on the thriller series, revealed when it seems Costner and Sheridan are having words. “There’s a real trust between those two, you see them talking all the time and they’re not arguing,” Ramos explains. “If Kevin’s not agreeing with him, you can see his right foot starts pawing at the ground.”

Apparently it’s something you can find in Costner’s thriller movies and drama movies as well, if you know what you’re looking for. “I see him do that in the movies too when he’s getting upset a little bit,” Ramos adds. “On the show, he’ll start pawing like a horse like, ‘Come on tie me loose.’”

The actor clarifies that he’s “never seen” Costner and Sheridan argue. Which makes sense, a franchise like Yellowstone comes from collaboration, and that often means compromise. All the best TV series benefit from the same.

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Yellowstone continues to go from strength to strength. Season 5  has been one of the biggest in the Yellowstone timeline, and the Dutton family is only getting more complex, thanks to spin-offs like 1923 and 1883. Now that we know what Costner does when he’s really got something on his mind, we’ll be keeping an even harder eye on John Dutton.

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