1883 season 2 release date speculation, plot, cast, and more

1883 season 2 release date: fans of Yellowstone will be eagerly anticipating the adventures of Bass Reeves when it's finally streaming

1883 season 2 release date: David Oyelowo as Bass Reeves

What is the 1883 season 2 release date? The Yellowstone timeline is a vast and sometimes confusing world, but the TV series starring Kevin Costner has become an absolute behemoth of the small screen. It’s no surprise then, that the 1883 prequel series has become a success on the streaming service Paramount Plus, too.

The hit drama series further explores the Western world already established in Yellowstone, and after a blistering finale to season 1 and the deaths of some key characters, many fans will be wondering what drama will unfold in the next season.

Well, saddle up because we’ve got all the information about the 1883 season 2 release date, plot details, and casting announcements that you need to get ready for the show to continue.

1883 season 2 release date speculation

As of March 2023, we don’t know the 1883 season 2 release date, but our best estimate pins the release date as being in mid-2023 at the earliest. 

That’s because Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan – who also wrote the thriller movies Sicario and Hell or High Water – has his hands full at the moment with all the other Yellowstone content coming through.

Paramount Plus: Sign up Sign up now Paramount Plus Paramount Plus: Sign up Sign up now Yellowstone season 5 and Yellowstone 1923 are both out in the world now, and Yellowstone 6666 is in the works too. We expect the latter to arrive in 2023 alongside 1883: The Bass Reeves story.

1883 season 2 release date: Tim McGraw and Sam Elliott in 1883 season 1

1883 season 2 cast speculation

David Oyelowo is the key confirmed cast member of 1883: The Bass Reeves Story. He will play the titular character.

It has also been confirmed that Cole Hauser will reprise his role as Rip Wheeler in 1883 season 2 after appearing as the character in the main Yellowstone timeline. Due to the difference in time, Hauser can surely only have a role in a prologue or possibly as a narrator though.

We also know that Dennis Quaid will be joining the cast as Sherrill Lynn, a Deputy U.S. Marshall. In February 2023, it was announced that Lauren E. Banks would play Jennie, described as “the strong and fiercely loyal wife of Bass Reeves.” Forrest Goodluck will play Billy Crow, who is said to be a “young Cherokee man with an affinity for dime store books and gaudy style.”

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That’s it for the cast of 1883 season 2 for now, unfortunately, but we’re sure plenty more actors will be announced in due course, probably once 1923 is out of the way.

  • David Oyelowo as Bass Reeves
  • Lauren E. Banks as Jennie Reeves
  • Dennis Quaid as Deputy US Marshall Sherill Lynn
  • Forrest Goodluck as Billy Crow
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1883 season 2 plot speculation

1883 season 2 will focus on the real historical character, Bass Reeves, rather than continuing the saga of the fictional Dutton family.

Reeves was a legendary lawman and the first Black deputy of the U.S. Marshals. He could speak several Native American languages and arrested over 3,000 outlaws, and killed 14, allegedly without ever suffering any serious injury. He is said to be the inspiration behind The Lone Ranger.

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1883: The Bass Reeves Story was originally developed by David Oyelowo and his wife, Jessica Oyelowo, before coming under the Yellowstone fold. It isn’t yet known if Reeves will interact with any members of the Dutton family, including James (Tim McGraw) or Margaret (Faith Hill), but this seems unlikely, as it was originally written with no connection to Yellowstone.

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