The Digital Fix in 2020 - our ongoing pledge to pay new writers and how to get involved and support us

As we enter 2020 we'll be preparing to celebrate our 21st birthday - over the last two decades we have published the writing over hundreds of different and diverse people and we hope to continue doing this for as long as we possibly can.

Our core team is made up voluntary writers who write for the site for a variety of reasons but we also pay for feature content and over the last two years have posted dozens of articles that we've paid writers for. Many of our peer sites don't pay anyone a penny for their work and while we'd love to pay for every word that appears on the site the economics of small hobby-based sites like ours makes that near impossible.

Despite this we once again pledge to continue paying for features on the site during 2020 and we're setting ourselves a goal of giving as many people as we can their first chance of paid writing work. That is our first pledge - so if you have a feature idea and want to try pitching it to us then send us an email at

We're accepting pitches from anyone but if you've never been paid for writing before please do let us know as we're keen to give as many people the chance as possible. We're entirely independent - we're just a website and don't have direct sales and print advertising to fall back on so we're extremely proud that we're able to offer people this opportunity.

We can't do that without the support of our readers - from ad displays (a huge number of people now block all advertising and this is really damaging to us) to affiliate sales (again many ad blockers stop this) our income has dropped for another year. Many sites are closing down - especially in similar content areas to ours and while we're able to run on a very tightly run and efficient platform we still have many costs. If you block ads we'd REALLY REALLY appreciate it if you would allow ours - we try to be respectful in our advertising and have specifically chosen our advertising partners to try and be as ethical as we can.

Similarly on many articles we share price comparisons; the sales from which go to support the site and our writers. We only include companies we have good experiences with and never prioritise one that benefits us more than it does you. We'll always highlight only the best price - not the one that gets us the most commission and we try to provide links to retailers that don't have affiliate programmes too if they offer the best deals to you.

Finally the most direct way you can support the site (and specifically our writers) is via Patreon - with every single penny we make via this platform going directly into our freelance pot. No-one other than those who write words for the site takes any money from our Patreon income.

Click here to visit our Patreon page and support our writers

If you're not confident enough to pitch for paid work, The Digital Fix has a long and proven history of being a successful route into paid work and new careers for many many people. We're extremely proud of our track record in helping people make real steps in their career plans and again in 2019 we've seen many of our writers get paid work and full time jobs elsewhere thanks to their portfolios on THIS very site.

Unlike some of our peers we don't make empty promises based on little real evidence - there are people working in editorial positions on some of the biggest websites in the world right now that started out on The Digital Fix - so if you're keen on a career in journalism we really can help you.

If you'd like to find out more about joining our friendly team please read more here...

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