The Digital Fix and our commitment to diversity

Our team on The Digital Fix isn’t diverse enough - it really isn’t. We’re the first to point out that we’re mostly white but not only that, we’re mostly male. We should be doing better. We could easily say we’ve tried to improve the range of voices on our writing team through various initiatives such as our old #AVoiceForEveryone campaign but we really could and should have done more - there is no excuse.

There’s also no excuse for the fact that our coverage has, often, been focused on subjects that aren’t diverse - there’s no reason why any of the team couldn’t write about subjects outside of our own spheres of knowledge and experience. We are talking behind the scenes about how our current team can improve the breadth of our coverage across all areas.

We need BAME, LGBT+ and neurodiverse writers on the team to broaden our coverage. If any of those groups include you and you've got something to say about movies, music, gaming, TV, or lifestyle, or you're desperate to break into a career in entertainment journalism then keep reading, because together we can broaden our coverage and give you a platform.

We have already ring fenced some of our tiny budget to cover freelance articles from diverse writers - and we’re still accepting pitches for that but we, like most independent sites, don't run at a profit and most of our writing is by voluntary writers but we'll do our utmost best to support you in your career plans and strive to provide you with access to whatever you need to write about your passions on the site. We are a proven route for new writers to break into both the film and gaming industries - people who started their career at The Digital Fix have moved on to not only become staff writers and freelancers, but also editors and have even broken into PR and production through their experiences and contacts gained while writing for us.

We’re looking to nurture new diverse talent long-term. This isn’t an attempt to tick boxes or write about issues once that will continue to be a problem for the foreseeable future. We want new writers to come in and be part of our actual team; to shape the site going forward and hold us accountable for the things we write and help us increase the diversity of the voices on The Digital Fix.

If you'd like to talk to us more about joining The Digital Fix please email us and introduce yourself at

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