The Digital Fix during lockdown - an update

Updated on 25th June 2020:

As the UK seems to be content with emerging from lockdown despite the risk of a second wave of Coronavirus being an ever lurking likelihood, we thought it would be a good time to update you all on our plans on dealing with the various conflicting rules and guidelines that are being implemented by our government and other bodies...

Cinema screenings

Cinemas are set to re-open in July and new guidelines are being issued to the industry in terms of how to handle social distancing and reducing risk in cinema auditoriums. Our view is that these guidelines make little sense - 1 metre social distancing with no face masks seems to fly in the face of all scientific advice. As a result, even if studios start to make review screenings the default route for early review access again we will not be attending them. Even if this means our reviews run late, or not at all, for some films. We feel it inappropriate to put any of our writers or anyone at risk in order to run a review.

We also do not want to promote screenings to you, our readers, which might end up putting you, your family or your friends at risk.

We hope our industry partners and friends will normalise the distribution of secure screeners to enable sites and publications like ours to continue to review films ahead of release - this is more likely to happen if our peers adopt a similar firm stance against attending screenings.

Live music reviews

We don't expect live gigs to restart any time soon - the risks associated with a crowd of people watching live music in the way that they did before lockdown are too high right now and managing social distancing in this instance is going to be impossible. We therefore will not be reviewing any live shows other than those streamed over the internet or broadcast on television.

Other content

Other than these two specific cases the rest of our plans remain the same as previously announced. We'll continue to review games, films at home on VOD/DVD/Blu-ray, music and anything else that we can in the same way we always have. While delays continue to be expected in some cases we're working hard to ensure continuing wide coverage across as many forms as entertainment as possible.

We continue to need your support more. Our advertising income has dropped significantly as more companies stop spending on advertising. If you can help us via our Patreon that will ensure ongoing new feature content on the site as every penny that we receive via Patreon is paid to our writers.

Previously posted on 15th April 2020:

With most of the world now facing months of social isolation it's more important than ever to bring people together and to try and keep normal life running for as long as possible. We sincerely hope that every single one of you isn't directly impacted by the health implications of the Covid-19 Coronavirus even if you find your life somewhat put on hold over the coming months.

The Digital Fix will be here over the coming months continuing to provide as many news items, reviews and features as possible but obviously what we cover may well change.

There will be no film screenings or theatrical releases in the UK or most other countries so we won't be reviewing from press screenings, however a number of movies will be heading to VOD instead and we'll be reviewing those via screeners provided by our agency friends.

Game reviews and news will continue and while we expect delays to some releases will be forthcoming as studios find their ability to work on projects reduced we'll review as much as we can as we always have.

Live music coverage may become more of a focus via virtual gigs and shows as many of our favourite artists work out how to continue working under lockdown and we'll be doing our best to support those artists and bands that will really struggle without access to live audiences which make up most of their income.

We hope to increase our coverage of other topics and we're working on establishing links to comic and book publishers and other sources of entertainment that can be enjoyed in your home with your families.

We need your support more than ever in the coming months. Our advertising income is going to drop as more and more companies stop spending on advertising. If you can help us via our Patreon that will ensure ongoing new feature content on the site as every penny that we receive via Patreon is paid to our writers.

Thank you for continuing to visit The Digital Fix and we are hoping that we can adapt the site to be a destination that even more people want to visit and enjoy.

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