Black Pound Day: Support Black-owned businesses

Black Pound Day: Support Black-owned businesses

Originally started by So Solid Crew DJ Swiss on June 27 as "a real solution-based, community-empowering campaign and motivating endeavour that will leave a better infrastructure for the next generation to walk into" the latest Black Pound Day is today and going forward will take place on the first Saturday of every month.

The aim is make people aware of Black-owned businesses and to diversify shopping habits to support and strengthen local Black economies and communities.

Posting a black square on Instagram and promoting the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter was 'fine' during the height of the protests (which are still ongoing in America), but real action is needed to evoke meaningful change. It wasn't a 'moment' to be forgotten as the fight for racial equality has been happening for decades - centuries - and will continue, whether or not the media choose to give it enough attention. As Swiss says on his Instagram page: "It's a movement, not a moment."

The Black Pound Day website explains that if everyone was able to spend £10 a week with a local Black-owned business, as much as £1.9bn could be added to Black communities. That affects real, tangible change, creating new jobs, earning opportunities and life-changing possibilities for Black people in the UK.

If you're not aware of Black-owned businesses in your area, use some of the directories listed on the Black Pound Day website. Or use the #BlackPoundDay hashtag to find businesses promoting themselves today. Also make a note of the next Black Pound Day dates which have been set from the remainder of 2020:

  • Saturday, September 5
  • Saturday, October 3
  • Saturday, November 7
  • Saturday, December 5

A Black Minds Matter charity event is also taking place on Sunday, August 2 between 1pm and 5pm at BOXPARK in Wembley, London, in support of Black Pound Day. Black Minds Matter UK is a charity that connects Black people in the UK with free professional mental health services. It does this by raising awareness about key mental health issues that affect Black British people and making them accessible.

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