We are looking for BAME writers - both to join our team and for freelance pitches

Black Live Matter and that's why we are allocating specific freelance budget for BAME writers. This money will be used entirely to fund articles written by non-White writers that can be on any subject. We're also appealing to our readers to donate anything they can to our BAME Writers Fund which will be used specifically and exclusively to pay for even more content.

In addition to paid freelance work we are also looking to expand our wider team to include more diverse voices. If you have an interest in film, music, gaming, television or anything else in pop culture and would be interested in joining our voluntary team of writers please do drop us a message at bame@thedigitalfix.com telling us about you, the area you'd like to write about along with any links to existing content online OR give us some ideas for a potential audition piece. No experience is necessary and we have a solid track record of helping people break into entertainment journalism.

In terms of paid work, with our limited budget we can only offer £25 per feature article and we're looking for essay-based features rather than listings or reviews. If you'd like to pitch, please email bamepitch@thedigitalfix.com with a short paragraph explaining your pitch along with any links to existing work and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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