Zoe Crombie

Film critic and student from Lancaster (UK), big Studio Ghibli and Marx Brothers fan but willing to watch anything and everything. Also writes for Film Inquiry and The Digital Fix, as well as the Wordpress blog Obsess Reviews. Enjoys spaghetti.

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Lust for a Vampire Review

The blood of an innocent brings forth the evil that is Mircalla

Early Women Filmmakers Collection 1911-1940 (4 Blu-ray Set) Review

Zoe looks at the newest collection from the BFI which showcases and celebrates the innovative and influential female filmmakers of early cinema

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As a piece of gay period cinema, Maurice holds up remarkably well

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A release for horror completionists only

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Before The Room, there was Troll and Troll 2

Book Club Review

The next chapter is always the best

The Nun Review

The brand new restoration of Jacques Rivette's banned film is available to purchase now

The Dwindling Acclaim of Tim Burton

A look at the dwindling acclaim of Tim Burton

Arcadia Review

Our look at the BFI's DVD release of Paul Wright's 2017 film

From Laputa to Ponoc: The Evolution of Studio Ghibli - Part Two

Zoe concludes her Studio Ghibli retrospective in Part Two

From Laputa to Ponoc: The Evolution of Studio Ghibli - Part One

Zoe examines the evolution of Studio Ghibli in the first of two features