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Unkle Jam - Interview

Get ready to "shake it like it's your birthday" with new ultra-funkster's Unkle Jam.

Amy Winehouse - Back to Black

Amy Winehouse's second album, <b>Back to Black</b> is one of the finest soul albums to come out for years.

Buttonz - Pussycat Dolls

The Pussycat Dolls get naughty...

Viva - Steve Lawler

Viva is a must hear album that will further cement Steve Lawler's reputation as one of the world's leading dj's.

Intergalactic Soul - DJ Spinna

DJ Spinna is back with his awesome brand new studio album 'Intergalactic Soul'.

Worlds Collide Vol.1 - Various Artists

Waking Monster release the first installment of the Worlds Collide project.

Oskar Interview

OSKAR can be found on Incarnation Records, downloaded through Universal, gigging around the UK, in Milan performing live for Miu Miu fashion shows, exhibiting at the V&A, in theatre, TV and film soundtracks, international radio and performance art shows. Vibeka Mair interviews them.

Back 2 U - DJ Spinna Featuring Selan

Ahead of the relase of DJ Spinna's stunning <b>Intergalactic Soul</b> album, Papa Records present his fantastic new single.

Worlds Collide EP 1 - Various Artists

Legendary US Vocalist and Waking Monster label Honcho, Keith Thompson unveil a superb EP.

T.I. - King

A king is born..

Akala - It's Not A Rumour

Akala confirms all the rumours.

SUMO - The Danceband

Swedish production outfit SUMO aka Combo & Alf Tumble unleash their stellar debut artist album

Yam Who? - Summertime

Papa Records welcome another of their favourite producers to the label as Yam Who? debut with <b>Summertime</b>