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The Flash: 5.07 O Come All Ye, Thankful

Family was a core theme in this week's episode.

Arrow: 7.06 Due Process

Season seven continues its strong streak with the most well-rounded episode to date.

Black Lightning: 2.06: The Book of Blood - Chapter Two: The Perdi

A whole new villain enters the mix. But is it a little too sudden?

The Flash: 5.05 The Icicle Cometh

Killer Frost' s origin was revealed in a sadly muddled episode.

Arrow: 7.05 The Demon

A mixed episode of Arrow; does season seven have too many characters to handle effectively?

Arrow: 7.04 Level Two

Flashbacks and flashfowards aplenty in this latest season seven episode...

The Flash: 5.04 News Flash

Another mixed episose as The Flash season five continues...

Arrow: 7.03 Crossing Lines

Steven Slatter reviews the latest episode.

The Flash: 5.03 The Death of Vibe

A new Wells and the death of a major character?

Arrow: 7.02 The Longbow Hunters

Arrow goes from strength to strength in a reinvigorated seventh season.

Black Lightning: 2.03: The Book of Consequences - Chapter Three: Master Lowry

Another muddled episode of Black Lightning with two many story threads...

The Flash: 5.02 Blocked

A mixed episode that promises great things from new villain Cicada.

Arrow: 7.01 Inmate 4587

Arrow returns for a seventh season and things are very different for Oliver Queen...

The Flash: 5.01 Nora

Steven Spatter reviews the season five opener. Does it show any improvements after a frustrating fourth season?

Black Lightning 2.01: The Book of Consequences: Chapter One: The Rise of the Green Light Babies

Steven Slattee reviews the first episode of Black Lightning season two with the longest ever title....

Maniac Review

Steven Slatter reviews the Netflix miniseries.