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Zero 7 - Yeah Ghost

Sam Hardaker and Henry Binns return with their fourth album.

Frank Turner - Poetry of the Deed

Frank returns to inspire adolescents everywhere.

Liam Frost - We Ain't Got no Money, Honey, But We Got Rain

Flawless Frost is as much poet as he is musician on this stunning second album.

Newton Faulkner - Rebuilt by Humans

Faulkner brings percussive fingerstyle guitar majestically back to the world of pop.

Hot Gossip - You Look Faster When You Are Young

For the love of Sarah Brightman! Hot Gossip give us some 100% genuine indie rock.

Their Hearts Were Full of Spring - How I Wasted My Youth

A curious mix of dark and light. This is beautiful music from a more innocent time.

The Minus 5 - Killingsworth

Killingsworth is a set of deep, wistful, beautiful, dimly lit tracks. This is grown up countrified pop with a vintage folk feel.

Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele - The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele

An album which is honest, emotive, musical and amusing all at the same time. I challenge you to listen to this Magnificent Ukulele (oh and Dent May too!) without smiling.

Big Arm - Radiator

Happy Mondays' Paul Ryder features on his new band's featured album. Perhaps he should just stick to the bass?

Parka - Attack of the Hundred Yard Hardman

We review the debut album from the Glaswegian quartet. Bouncy indie guitar rock splashed with punk and a generous helping of trumpets!!

Newton Faulkner - Hand Built by Robots

We review the debut album from the ginger-dreadlocked fingerstyle guitarist and singer/songwriter.