Peter Hearn

I wrote and directed the horror feature 'Scrawl' which starred pre Star Wars Daisy Ridley. Upcoming projects include the "female punks v gremlins on a plane" short film 'Dead Air'. I also teach Film-making and grumble daily.

My Content

People on Sunday Review

We review the BFI's newest release of People on Sunday - an early work of six of the finest émigré directors, writers and cinematographers.

The Kid Review

Another new take on the Billie the Kid story arrives on digital formats today

The Andromeda Strain Review

Robert Wise’s cult sci-fi gets the 4K treatment from Arrow

Drive Review

Zane Lowe's rescore of Nicolas Winding Refn's stylish neo-noir arrives on Blu-ray

Mega Time Squad Review

Tim Van Dammen's goofy time travel film arrives on Blu-ray next week

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then The Bigfoot Review

A film that gives us an audacious title, but decides to go to a lot quieter places with its execution