Olivia Hill

I am a digital media intern from Scotland living in London who loves everything film related! You will most likely find me in the cinema or bingeing the latest Netflix series! You can follow me on Twitter @OliviaHill96.

My Content

Night Hunter Review

A lieutenant, a police profiler and a vigilante track the movements of a serial killer after multiple women are abducted.

Sprinter Review

Sprinter follows Akeem Sharp as he pursues his talent for running while battling family and personal struggles along the way

A Minuscule Adventure Review

A Miniscule Adventure sees a ladybug go on the journey of a lifetime after getting shipped across the world to a Caribbean island.

A Million Little Pieces Review

A Million Little Pieces follows the journey of James Frey, a struggling drug addict, who makes his way through a rehabilitation programme.

Killers Anonymous Review

Killers Anonymous is Martin Owen's latest crime thriller flick which follows a support group for those who kill.