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DVD Review - Star Trek: Discovery Season One

Nick Whitney delves into the season one release of Star Trek: Discovery.

Dark Souls: Remastered Review

The classic comes to the Switch

Bodyguard: 1.02

Bodyguard's second episode answers the show's main question, kicks into high gear and gets a little sexy (if that's your thing). Nick Whitney reviews episode 2.

Bodyguard: 1.01

Nick Whitney reviews the opening episode of new BBC drama Bodyguard.

Legion: 2.11 Chapter 19

Nick Whitney reviews the mind-blowing finale to Legion season two.

Legion: 2.10 Chapter 18

Nick Whitney reviews the first half of the two-part season two finale.

Legion: 2.09 Chapter 17

Nick Whitney reviews the latest UK-paced episode of Legion.

Nintendo E3 2018 Live Blog - Join us to find out what is in store for the Switch and 3DS at 5PM BST on Tuesday

What exciting new announcements will Nintendo be bringing us? Watch our live blog as it happens...

Legion: 2.08 Chapter 16

Legion sets up it's season two endgame.

The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker Review

The console controller UI makes a more challenging game than it should be

Legion: 2.07 Chapter 15

Things get weird(er) in the latest episode.

Legion: 2.06 Chapter 14

Legion asks 'what if?' as Nick Whitney ponders Chapter 14...

Legion: 2.05 Chapter 13

Lenny is back! But how? And why now? Nick Whitney reviews Legion season 2 episode 5.

Legion: 2.03 Chapter 11

Nick Whitney reviews the third episode of Legion season two 'Chapter 11'