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Angel - The Vampire Anthology - Wesley Review

This edition in the cash-in Anthologies series focuses on the team's seemingly obligatory 'English' member, Wesley Wyndham-Price. You wouldn't buy it over a season box-set, but some good episodes are on offer in this compilation.

Angel - The Vampire Anthology - Cordelia Review

The first of the Angel Vampire Anthologies features Cordelia, the 'light relief' who grew to be so much more over the first three seasons. Mike Baker takes a bite.

Goal! Review

Boy's own fare in this ripping yarn about a young Mexican footballer who suddenly lands himself a trial with Newcastle United. The rest is cliched and surprisingly good fun, as Mike Baker discovered.

Be Cool (Collector's Edition) Review

Not a great movie. Not even a great sequel. But is Be Cool all that bad? Mike Baker watches Chili Palmer 'be cool' in the follow-up to Get Shorty.

The Commitment Review

Anchor Bay UK's new <em>Dark Asia</em> label begins its output with this horror flick from Thailand. Stylish it may be, but does the movie offer anything that isn't totally derivative of similar releases?

Turtles can Fly Review

Director Bahman Ghobadi and a cast of Kurdish refugee children are behind this harrowing glimpse of life, death and the detonated mines trade in pre-war Iraq.

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp: Special Edition Review

Mike Baker reviews the Powell & Pressburger wartime epic about an ageing general, his German friend and the death of fair play.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Review

Mike Baker watches the dark, funny, sometimes hopelessly scary world of Willie Wonka in Tim Burton's take on the classic children's novel.