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Bye bye scuba gear...

Water fans can breathe easy.

Google make another chink in your privacy armour

Email marketers are rubbing their hands with glee.

LG TVs in data collection concerns

Viewing habits AND filenames shared with LG HQ!

A lost world discovered in Australia

More exciting than Jurassic Park!

Lost Return of the Jedi footage discovered

Thirty minutes of previously unseen footage found...

Unexpected 'missile' launch photographed from space

ISS astronaut captures an unexpected surprise on camera.

Diamonds in the sky...

The skies of Jupiter and Saturn that is...

What if telekinesis was real?

Viral Carrie promo fools the public - brilliant results ensue!

The Google Nexus 10 photo leaked

Fabled tablet outed by Google employee

Remote control cockroaches - yes REAL ones

Cheaper and easier thank making tiny robots!

Raspberry Pi now made in the UK!

Cheap mini computer just got EVEN BETTER!