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Terry Taylor - Terry S. Taylor's Imaginarium

What do Spielberg, an animator with a crazy imagination and a Californian singer/songwriter have in common? Mark Boydell takes a look at the weirdest record he's heard in years - Terry S. Taylor's Imaginarium.

Patty Griffin - Living With Ghosts

Mark Boydell reviews one of a true gem of a CD by a relatively obscure artist Texan Patty Griffin as she prepares to tour the UK in late June.

CDtimes meets... Duke Special

The Northern-Irish songwriter tells us more about his burgeoning career and his future plans for his unusual blend of music.

Willard Grant Conspiracy kick off UK tour

The Willard Grant Conspiracy ensemble return to the UK for a rapid tour of the Barfly venues. See a review of their previous tour <a href="">here</a>.21st April: London - £14.00 adv -- Barfly 22st April: York Fibbers - £10.00 adv -- Barfly 23st April: Glasgow - £10.00 adv -- Barfly 25st April: Liverpool - £10.00 adv -- Barfly 26st April: Cardiff - £10.00 adv -- Barfly 27st April: London - £14.00 adv -- BarflyAll tickets available through Barfly ticket line 0870 907 0999 and

Hotel Rwanda Review

Don Cheadle stars in the true story about a five-star-hotel manager who used his wits and words to save more than 1,200 lives during the 1994 Rwandan conflict. Mark Boydell reviews the Region 1 DVD release out today...

L'Appartement Review

Mark Boydell has reviewed the French Region 2 release of <b>L'Appartement</b> which features English subtitles and the first on-screen pairing of Vincent Cassel (La Haine, The Brotherhood of the wolf ) and Monica Bellucci (Malèna, Under suspicion).

Downfall Review

The controversial German film on Hitler's final days, finally gets a UK release this week. Mark Boydell takes a look at the film and finds a fine piece of work which leaves its peers dead in their tracks.

Kathleen Edwards - Back To Me

Bursting forth with a vital blend of rock-folk-country, Kathleen Edwards returns with a second studio album and her uncompromising attitude intact.

Le Corbeau Review

Mark Boydell takes a look at the classic film noir - filmed during the French Occupations, Clouzot (Diaboliques, Wages of Fear) studies a town on the verge of frenzy, caused by a series of poison-pen letters singed by the mysterious Corbeau. The film receives a decent release but the sound quality is a bit of dissapointment.

Monica Queen - Return of The Sacred Heart

Scotland's own Monica Queen returns with another Americana-tinged release, Return of the Sacred Heart, which tops her previous effort and should help establish her on the national music scene...

Will And Grace (Season One and Two) Review

What would Channel 4 do without American sitcoms? That friday night standard, Will and Grace, joins the DVD format in the shape of two boxsets of the first two seasons.

Over The Rhine set to release new album

The Ohio band will be releasing their 11th studio album, <i>The Drunkard's Prayer</i> on the 29th of March. It promises to be an altogether more intimate offering than the sprawling soundscapes of <a href=>Ohio</a>, their previous studio effort. Recorded almost entirely in their living room, the album is to take a more acoustic slant.Two full tracks from the album can freely downloaded <a href="">here</a>

Duke Special - My Villain Heart

Jack White is a fan as are Aqualung. Judging by his latest release, you can see why the Belfast-based Duke Special is making people sit up and listen. Mark Boydell takes a look at his second EP, My Villain Heart.

Exclusive online content - the shape of the future?

Lynch started doing it a few years back and it seems that more and more musicians are considering offering exclusive material to their fans online. Mark Boydell takes a look at what's going on...

The Motorcycle Diaries Review

Walter Salles' road movie The Motorcycle Diaries comes to DVD. The young "Che" Guevara takes to the road with his friend, Alberto for a trip of a lifetime through Latin America. Improvisation is the keyword and things don't always work out the way they planned... Mark Boydell reviews the R2 DVD...

Over The Rhine - Changes Come

Striking the even balance between raw, heartfelt emotions and musicality, Over The Rhine self-release a snapshot of their latest tour in support of their double album Ohio. Mark Boydell takes a listen...

Hitler - the Downfall

I've just returned from seeing the controversial <b>Downfall</b> which retraces Hitler's final days in his bunker beneath Berlin - a harrowing two and a half hours though I'm slightly confused about the controversy it has managed to create. Unsurprisingly, German cinema has not been too interested in making films about him though I'm unsure whether it is from fear of reviving his spirit, fear of humanising him or a wilful effort to banish him to the history books...<b>Downfall</b> does make Hitler appear more human than in the subtly named <a href=>Hitler - Rise of Evil</a> but the film is mostly interested in his hand in his own downfall and the nature of his entourage's blind adoration of him. It's a difficult film to fathom mostly due to its refusal to deal with anything outside of Berlin - this means that they never deal explicitly with the issue of the Holocaust bar a rapid printed line before the credits. This is naturally what many have seen as the film's fatal flaw and a thorny issue indeed (and one I won't even attempt to answer here).A review will probably be written at a later point but I'll be needing more time to think about the film before being able to evaluate in greater depth. Still, whenever it gets a UK release, it will be one to look out for and I would not be surprised if it becomes a milestone in the cinematic interpretation of the Twentieth Century's most infamous figures.As an aside, are my parents and I the sole people who thought that Hitler died in Berchtesgaden or is this a commonly held - but incorrect - historical fact?

The 4400: Season 1 Review

A new supernatural series that has yet to be shown on terrestrial TV here gets an early release on DVD. Mark Boydell gets ready for the return of the 4400...