Karly Stilling

Karly Stilling is a Canadian writer living in London with her very fluffy cat. She has degrees in film and writing, and her work has won a couple of awards and been published in a few zines. When she’s not working on her novel, you can find her cuddled up with her cat watching movies. You can follow her cat on Instagram @mottylthecat if you’re into that sort of thing.

My Content

Under the Silver Lake Review

A masturbatory fantasy of Hollywood from the director of It Follows.

Sometimes Always Never Review

Sometimes board games bring families together, sometimes they tear them apart - and sometimes, as is the case in Carl Hunter’s slightly odd and charmingly unpredictable film, they do both.

We The Animals Review

The primal, urgent and beautiful moments of childhood are captured in this adaptation of Justin Torres' spirited novel

The Panama Papers Review

The Panama Papers delves into the tremendous feat of journalistic cooperation required to break the story of global corruption.

Lizzie Review

The infamous story of Lizzie Borden gets an edgy update.

UK film gender pay gap revealed for 2018 - and it doesn't look good

UK film gender pay gap revealed for 2018 - and it doesn't look good.

A Star is Born Review

A famous musician helps an aspiring singer find fame - and love.

RBG Review

Hero. Icon. Dissenter. The notorious RBG.

1985 Review

A young man grapples with the brutal reality of the time in which he lives and loves.

The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales Review

A fox who mothers a trio of chicks, a rabbit who becomes the stork, and a duck who wants to be Santa cause mayhem

Whitney Review

The untold story for the first time