Jonny Foster

Jonny enjoys strategy games, looter shooters, and long walks on the beach. Good at breaking down games... some would say too good. He doesn't know where the off switch is for his critical brain and is regularly scolded for winning family game nights by exploiting flawed rules.

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Dicey Dungeons Review

Is this dice-centric game a fresh take on the deck-builder genre, or a thin coat of paint over tired ideas?

RADtv Review

RADtv offers radical hot-seat multiplayer mayhem in VR, but can this party game handle the heat?

MagTubeVR Review

Are VR gun stocks like the MagTubeVR the next step in virtual reality immersion, or just an expensive toy?

Audica Review

Harmonix are rhythm game veterans, but has their foray into virtual reality been a crowd pleaser, or a bungled solo?

SUPERHOT VR - Oculus Quest Review

SuperhotVR has long been a staple of VR headsets. With it now on to the Oculus Quest, does it still carry the heavyweight title of an essential game, or is the glass empire waiting to crumble?

Fruit Ninja VR - Oculus Quest Review

Fruit Ninja VR provides samurai slashing action that's truly bananas, but is this Oculus Quest port forbidden fruit?

Oculus Quest Review

The Oculus Quest: an elegant standalone headset perfect for newcomers, but not without its flaws.

Void Bastards Review

Void Bastards is a roguelite FPS unlike any other, with a more user-friendly approach to the classic genre tropes.

Snakeybus Review

Snakeybus is no-nonsense fun set against some gorgeous scenery, but is there enough here to warrant a purchase?

Space Ops VR Review

Space Ops VR has some interesting twists on the first-person VR shooter genre, but is it enough to stand out from the pack?

A Plague Tale: Innocence Review

Asobo Studio tells a powerful tale about death in A Plague Tale: Innocence, but is it one worth playing through?

Blazing Beaks Review

Applava's feathery twin-stick party game takes flight, guided onto the Nintendo Switch by QubicGames.