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Russ Meyer titles coming from Arrow Films

<a href="">Arrow Films</a> have recently announced the acquisition of 18 Russ Meyer films for release in the UK over the coming months.From their website:<B>Legendary Russ Meyer Films set for DVD release in October</b>Arrow are set to release 18 films from sixties Cult filmmaker Russ Meyer on DVD later this year. Included in the collection of re-mastered films are the VIXEN titles including <b>Beneath the Valley of the Ultra Vixens</b>, <B>VIXEN</B> and the infamous 'Ode to the violence in women!' <B>Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!</B>. Watch out for a specially devoted microsite on these in the next couple of months.<B>Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill</b> has been tentatively slated for release on 18 October 2004 priced at £17.99. No other details have as yet been revealed, but will certainly be added once we have them.

Brewster McGee Review

Jon Robertson bets you 50p you've never heard of this film, but damn well thinks you should have. One of the funniest cult gems of the late 90s.

Seven new releases from Criterion in February

The Criterion Collection have announced seven releases for this coming February.Barbet Schroeder's infamous S&M romantic comedy <b>Maîtresse</b> will retail for $29.95 and feature: <li>New high-definition digital transfer (1.66:1), supervised by director Barbet Schroeder with restored image and sound and enhanced for widescreen televisions <li>Exclusive video interview with Barbet Schroeder <li>New essay by film critic Elliott SteinRobert Bresson's transcendant <b>Diary of a Country Priest</b> will retail for $39.95 and feature: <li>New high-definition digital transfer (1.33:1), with restored image and sound <li>Audio commentary by film historian Peter Cowie <li>11 minutes of deleted scenes <li>New essay by film critic Frédéric BonnaudRonald Neame's classic military drama <b>Tunes of Glory</b> will be priced at $29.95 and feature: <li>New high-definition digital transfer (1.66:1), with restored image and sound and enhanced for widescreen televisions <li>New video interview with director Ronald Neame <li>Exclusive new audio interview with actor Sir John Mills <li>Original theatrical trailer <li>New essay by acclaimed film critic and historian Robert MurphySamuel Fuller's legendary film noir <b>Pickup on South Street</b> will be available for $29.95 and feature: <li>New high-definition digital transfer (1.33:1), with restored image and sound <li>Exclusive interview with the late Samuel Fuller, made by renowned film critic Richard Schickel <li>Excerpts from the Cinéma Cinémas series with Fuller discussing the making of the film <li>Illustrated biographical essay on Fuller by Jeb Brody (<i>Scenario, Print</i> magazines) <li>Stills gallery of photos, posters, lobby cards, and original paintings by noted artist Russell Christian (<i>The NY Times, The New Yorker</i>) <li>Trailers for <i>Pickup on South Street</i> and other Fuller features <li>Booklet including excerpts from Fuller’s award-winning autobiography <i>A Third Face</i>, featuring Martin Scorsese’s introduction and Fuller on <i>Pickup on South Street</i>, plus a new essay by acclaimed cultural historian Luc Sante (<i>Low Life, Evidence</i>)Henri-Georges Clouzot's notorious blacklisted classic <b>Le Corbeau</b> will be priced at $29.95 and contain: <li>New digital transfer (1.33:1), with restored image and sound <li>Video interview with Bertrand Tavernier, director of <i>Coup de Torchon</i> <li>Excerpts from <i>The Story of French Cinema by Those Who Made It: Grand Illusions 1939 – 1942</i>, a 1975 documentary featuring Henri-Georges Clouzot <li>New essay by film scholar Alan Williams, author of <i>Republic of Images: A History of French Filmmaking</i>Francesco Rosi's neorealist crime classic <b>Salvatore Giuliano</b> will be released in a 2-disc special edition and feature: <li>New high-definition digital transfer (1.85:1), with restored picture and sound and enhanced for widescreen televisions <li>New audio commentary by film historian Peter Cowie <li><i>Francesco Rosi</i>: a 55-minute documentary made for Italian television surveying the director’s career to date, offering an intimate visit with Rosi at home and on location around Sicily, with special appearances by directors Giuseppe Tornatore (Cinema Paradiso) and Martin Scorsese <li>New video interviews with Rosi and film critic and author Tullio Kezich <li>Original theatrical trailer <li>New essay by film historian and critic Michel Ciment <li>Written tributes to Rosi by Martin Scorsese, Federico Fellini, and Francis Ford CoppolaFinally, Laurence Olivier's epic adaptation of <b>Richard III</b> will be priced at $39.95 and feature: <li>New high-definition digital transfer (1.85:1) including newly discovered footage from the original theatrical release, with restored image and sound, enhanced for widescreen televisions <li>Commentary by playwright and stage director Russell Lees, joined by John Wilders, former Governor of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre <li><i>Great Acting: Laurence Olivier</i>, a 1966 BBC interview with Olivier hosted by renowned theater critic Kenneth Tynan <li>Gallery of on-set and production stills and posters, featuring excerpts from Olivier’s autobiography <i>On Acting</i> <li>12-minute television trailer with Olivier, producer Alexander Korda, production designer Roger Furse, and other crew members at work in Shepperton Studios <li>Theatrical trailer <li>Essay by film historian Bruce EderAll discs feature mono soundtracks in their original language and optional English subtitles. Please go to <a href="">Criterion's website</a> to see full synopses and cover art for each film.

Blowup, Death in Venice & The Damned in February

Warner Bros are releasing three masterworks from two of the great Italian filmmakers on February 17th in R1.<b>The Damned</b> will be in its 157-minute version in a 1.85:1 ratio, while <b>Death in Venice</b> will be in 2.40:1. Both will have anamorphic transfers with separate Italian and English mono soundtracks.Michaelangelo Antonioni's <b>Blowup</b> will be have a 1.85:1 anamorphic transfer, with English and French mono soundtracks.All three will have English, French & Spanish subtitles, their respective theatrical trailers and will retail for $19.98 each.

Visconti's The Leopard coming from the BFI and Criterion in 2004

On the <i>bfi</i>'s website, they have made the following announcement:<i><b>The Leopard</b>, Luchino Visconti’s epic film will be released on DVD and VHS in spring 2004bfi Video is currently working on the production of <b>The Leopard</b> in conjunction with Twentieth Century Fox and the Criterion Collection, for release on both DVD and VHS formats.Although we had initially hoped to release <b>The Leopard</b> this November, we have recently had the unforeseen opportunity to access original 70mm elements of the film. This will enable us to release the best possible version with superb picture and sound quality, but the technical process has meant that it will not be ready until early 2004.The DVD will contain several extras. Currently confirmed are a full feature commentary by David Forgacs, Professor of Italian at University College London, extracts from an interview with Claudia Cardinale and the original trailer.As soon as we can confirm the release date we will announce it here.</i>Whether both releases will feature the same specifications remains to be seen, but this comes as excellent news for lovers of world cinema all the same.Read the online statement <a href="">here</a> (scroll to the bottom).

Four Criterions going OOP on December 31st

Criterion has announced on its website that four of their DVDs are to go out of print on December 31st 2003. The discs are <a href="">Notorious</a>, <a href="">Rebecca</a>, <a href="">Spellbound</a> and <a href="">Straw Dogs</a>.All four discs contain the finest transfers available and copious supplements unavailable elsewhere. In this contributor's opinion, Stephen Prince's commentary on <a href="">Straw Dogs</a> is one of the most brilliant and insightful ever recorded.The three Hitchcock titles are also available in a 5-disc giftpack <b>Wrong Men and Notorious Women: Five Hitchcock Thrillers 1935-1946</b>, which also contains <a href="">The 39 Steps</a> and <a href="">The Lady Vanishes</a> (neither of which are being discontinued in the near future), all for a considerable 37.5% discount.Don't delay, and please buy these items from one of DVD Times' online affiliates:<a href=""></a> - <a href=""></a> - <a href="">CD-Wow</a>

Criterion's Jacques Tati titles to return in 2004!

Discontinued in the middle of 2002, Criterion has now regained the rights to four of Jacques Tati's finest films - <b>Monsieur Hulot's Holiday, Mon Oncle, Playtime</b> and a new addition of <b>Jour de Fête</b>.<b>Monsieur Hulot's Holiday</b> and <b>Mon Oncle</b> will be re-released in January (same editions, same price), and <b>Playtime</b> and <b>Jour de Fête</b> will follow in brand new incarnations later in the year.

Sneak peeks from Criterion in 2004

Here's a brief look at some of the titles on Criterion's slate for the upcoming year. Included in the new catalogue insert that accompanies this month's new releases, you can expect Samuel Fuller's <b>Pickup on South Street</b>, Akira Kurosawa's <b>Ikiru</b>, Barbet Schroeder's <b>Maîtresse</b> and Robert Bresson's <b>Diary of a Country Priest</b>.Furthermore, Russ Meyer's <b>Beyond the Valley of the Dolls</b> and Preston Sturges' <b>Unfaithfully Yours</b> will also be released at some stage (thanks to <a href=""></a> and <a href=""></a> respectively for news on those two).

Bad Boys II Review

Jon Robertson drew the short straw and set off to the cinema to review Bad Boys II. A masterpiece or a mangled mess? See inside and find out...

Jubilee Review

<b>Jon Robertson</b> has reviewed the Region 0 release of <a href="index.cgi?page=Review&id=1462&story=4788">Jubilee</a>, a frustrating and fascinating film by the late Derek Jarman, released to its best advantage in a new Criterion special edition.<p><p>

Ghostwatch Review

<b>Jon Robertson</b> has reviewed the Region 2 release of <a href="index.cgi?page=Review&id=1468&story=4721">Ghostwatch</a> and is in the process of changing his trousers and reupholstering his settee.<p><p>