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Big Finish - May/June Round-Up

A look back at the output of the last couple of months releases from the prolific audio company...

The Big Bang

So it ends as it began. In more ways than one.

The Pandorica Opens

Moffat is back for the writing of the Epic two parter Finale.

The Lodger

This week's episode sees the Doctor separated from the Tardis. Amy is stuck on-board and has to try to control it while the Doctor works out what is stopping it from fully materialising.

Torchwood Returns

Torchwood is back and so is Russel T Davis

Vincent and the Doctor

Amy and the Doctor take time out to check out some paintings and run into a monster.

Cold Blood

The Lizards are still back in Part 2. Just what will the Doctor do to get rid of them?

Do you want more Lost?

If you can still take it, Michael Emmerson reveals some of the 'Lost box-set' mysteries.

The End

It's all over. Was it awesome or did it suck? That is the question.

The Hungry Earth

The Doctor, Amy and Rory take a wrong turn on their way to Rio and end up in the small Welsh village of Cwmtaff circa space-year 2020.

What they Died For

Last episode was all mythology, this week it's back to the business of plot. If you've been living on an island somewhere, this is the penultimate episode of Lost.

Last Episode Titles Revealed

Episode 12 and 13 titles complete with and a spoiler-ish/cryptic plot synopsis.

Exclusive Bafta Screening of Episode 12

The title of the twelfth episode of Doctor Who has been revealed, along with news of an early Bafta screening.

Amy's Choice

Written by 'Men behaving Badly's' Simon Nye, this week's episode sees the Doctor, Amy and Rory trapped in a dual reality conundrum.

Across the Sea

It's the third to last episode of Lost and the show runners have a message for the fans.

The Vampires of Venice

This week's episode sees the Doctor, Amy and Rory arrive in 1580 Venice to battle what, at first, seems to be plain old Vampires.

The Candidate (+ Season round-up)

Now we are extremely close to the end, I think it's a good time to cover one of the less exciting aspects of this season. Read within.

Flesh and Stone

Does Part 2 bring the story to a satisfying conclusion? Do any of those Commando types make it out alive? Click to find out.

Is Amy Pond...? SPOILERS

Some interesting details of the upcoming episode "Amy's Choice" May 15th have surfaced. Spoiler haters Beware!