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Parenthetical Girls Interview

Zac Pennington in his most revealing interview yet

Slow Club interview

Rebecca and Charles chat churches and Koko.

Big Top 40 'Tweet Up': Taio Cruz

In Popworld, no-one can hear you over the screams.

Caribou - Swim

You can lead a moose to water...

Temposhark - Threads

An antidote to a fetid pop scene? Just maybe ...

Frames - Mosaik

Berlin's over. Apparently Germany's art-music comes from Hannover now.

Savatage - Still The Orchestra Plays - Greatest Hits Volume 1 + 2

A chronological round-up of the band's anthems, with a rough attempt at context.

Dakota - Heart and Soul

Ben Talbot wears his Heart and Soul on his sleeve.

Thomas White - The Maximalist

A love song to prog that succeeds when it avoids prog completely.

Parenthetical Girls - On Death and Endearments

The first of five EPs - and it opens with a suicide?