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The Good Place: 4.04 Tinker, Tailor, Demon, Spy

The Good Place finally starts getting into the swing of its final season.

The Good Place: 4.03 Chillaxing

With plans underway to help make Brent a better person, the gang turn their efforts to Chidi and John. What pitfalls will they find along the way?

The Good Place: 4.01 A Girl From Arizona Part 1

The Good Place is back for its final season. Jessica Thomas reviews the opening episode.

Stranger Things Season Three: Queer coding to Queer actuality

Stranger Things has been criticised for its lack of diversity in the past, but has season three begun to address some of those concerns?

The Bold Type: Season three Review

Kat, Jane and Sutton are back and as fabulous as ever as they continue to navigate the chaos of modern life.

BONDiNG: Season One Review

A 'Web Series' style romp in the worlds of BDSM and consent.

Special: Season One Review

Fun and out there. Short and sweet. Really worth watching.

Lucifer: Season Four Review

Lucifer is back from the dead - how did the fourth season from Netflix fare?

American Gods: Season Two Review

Wednesday continues to lead Shadow on a wild goose chase around America in the newest season of American Gods.

The Dragon Prince: Season Two Review

Jess Thomas reviews the second season of the animated series from Netflix.

One Day At A Time: Season Three Review

Jess Thomas reviews the third season of Netflix's reboot of One Day At A Time.

Four More Shots Please! Series One Review

Jess Thomas reviews the new Amazon original series.

The Good Place: 3.12 Pandemonium

Jess Thomas reviews the heartbreaking season three finale.

The Good Place: 3.09 Janet(s)

The latest adventure of Michael, Janet, Janet, Janet, Janet and Janet...

The Good Place: 3.07 The Worst Possible Use of Free Will

Do we have free will? The Good Place tackles this concept in the latest season three episode.

The Good Place: 3.06 A Fractured Inheritance

This week it is Eleanor and Tahani's turn for closure as they both make family visits....