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Smallville To End After Season Ten

But will we finally see him in the cape?

Hiphopopotamus vs Men in Black

Flight of the Conchords actor has been cast in the next MIB film...

Big Finish - April Round-up

It's the Doctor and Jamie, and Holmes and the Ripper this month from Big Finish.

The Prisoner: The Complete Collection

James returns to the Village to review the new incarnation of Patrick McGoohan's classic and is surprised by what he finds there.

Classic Doctor Who Schedule June-September (R2)

The release dates of the next few Doctor Who titles have been announced...

Batman Returns Again in 2012

The next Batman film has an official release date...

Superman To Return Sooner Than Expected

As is Batman and even the Justice League of America...?

Doctor Who: The Creature From the Pit

Is The Creature From the Pit a king of beasts or just a bit of a turkey? James travels with the Doctor to Chloris to find out...

Men In Black Return

Agents J and K are donning their shades once again...

RTD Writes for the Eleventh Doctor!

He said it would never happen, but Russell T Davies will be giving us his version of Matt Smith's Doctor after all.

Doctor Who: Myths and Legends

It's all Greek to the Doctor as he embarks on three stories inspired by ancient myth...

From Dollhouse to Avengers Mansion?

The Avengers are a little closer to assembling today as it's being reported that Joss Whedon is in final talks to direct the much-anticipated movie.

Tron and on and on and on...

Even before the release of <i>Tron Legacy</i> this December plans are already well under way for a third film in the suddenly vibrant franchise.

May the Laughs Be With You

Industry bible Variety is reporting that a second <i>Star Wars</i> animation, following <i>The Clone Wars,</i> is in development, this one a comedy.

Big Finish - March Round-up

James takes a look at last month's releases from the company, which included a story by PJ Hammond and the triumphant conclusion of the "Klein trilogy."

Big Finish - February Round-up

It's time for another Big Finish catch-up as James listens to the releases from the last two months. First up February's offerings, which included the a fairytale from the creator of the Daleks, the Doctor's run-in with the Suffragettes, and an enemy who most definitely is NOT the Master...

Big Finish - January Round-up

Our monthly look at all of Big Finish's titles checks out January's releases, including two adventures for the Seventh Doctor and an ex-Companion having a very bad day in Mega-City One...

Big Finish - December Roundup

It was a bumper end of the year for Big Finish, with two Christmas specials, the release of their annual "Subscriber Freebie" <i>An Earthly Child,</i> and the second audio in their new Sherlock range. James has a listen and offers his verdict.

Big Finish - November Round-up

After unfortunately missing a couple of months due to unforeseen circumstances, our monthly round-up of all Big Finish's productions is back, with November's crop including a nightmarish trip to Blackpool for the Sixth Doctor and Peri, a city-wide cover-up for Judge Dredd to investigate, and a rather melancholic Sherlock Holmes.