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Great British Bake Off Season 9, Episode 2 Live Blog

It's the latest live blog from Jacki Badger and this time it's cake week!

All I Know I Learned From Telly - TV

This week Jacki Badger tells us all she knows about making television from watching television shows about making television. It's all gone a bit meta, hasn't it?

All I Know I Learned From Telly: Medicine

Jacki Badger shares her knowledge of emergency medicine, which she learned through hours of watching ER, Grey's Anatomy and House....

Why NBC was totally right to save Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jacki Badger makes it clear why Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the funniest sitcoms on TV and deserved its season six pick up by NBC

All I Know I Learned From Telly: Houses

In a new regular feature for The Digital Fix, Jacki Badger reflects on everything television has taught her, starting with the subject of homes. Selling, buying or decorating, It's all here...

Television Top Trumps: The Crown's Group Captain Peter Townsend vs Coupling's Patrick Maitland

It's Ben Miles versus Ben Miles in the latest television top trumps from Jacki Badger.

Television Top Trumps: Bobby Newport vs Mike Hannigan

It's Paul Rudd's sitcom character Bobby from Parks & Rec vs Paul Rudd's sitcom character Mike from Friends in Jacki Badger's latest TV top trumps

Why I'm eternally grateful for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Jacki Badger looks at how Crazy Ex-Girlfriend tackles mental health, comedy and had a bucket load of fantastic songs...

Television Top Trumps: Yara Greyjoy from Game of Thrones vs Kate from Upstart Crow

Jacki Badger pits Gemma Whelan's Ironborn Queen against Gemma Whelan's Elizabethan actress - who will be victorious in our latest television top trumps?

Television Top Trumps: Parks & Rec's Ben Wyatt vs The Good Place's Trevor

This weeks, Jacki Badger pits Adam Scott against Adam Scott. Can his new The Good Place character beat his big Parks & Rec role?

Television Top Trumps - Margaret Schlegel vs Peggy Carter

It's the battle of the Hayley Atwells as Howard's End's Margaret goes up against Agent Carter's Peggy...

Television Top Trumps - Daisy Steiner vs Siobhan Sharpe

Jacki Badger's latest television top trumps pits Jessica Hynes's Daisy Steiner from Space vs her W1A character Siobhan Sharpe...