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Jack is a 25-year-old writer living in the London, obsessed with Marvel, The Simpsons, coffee and all things David Lynch.

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To the Stars Review

This 60s-set coming-of-age drama brings two unlikely teens together in an intimate friendship

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Harley Quinn breaks out on her own in this explosive comic book caper

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James Mangold's modest yet thrilling sports drama puts you behind the wheel.

Portrait of a Lady on Fire Review

Céline Sciamma's latest film, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, slowly builds from a straightforward forbidden romance to a heart-stopping crescendo that stays with you long after the credits have stopped rolling.

The Last Black Man in San Francisco Review

Jimmie Fails attempts to reclaim his childhood home in this true story of gentrification in San Francisco

Venice Sala: Zumiriki Review

Thoughtful documentary Zumiriki poses big questions

Memory: The Origins of Alien Review

Memory: The Origins of Alien delves into the production of Ridley Scott's sci-fi horror classic.

Beautiful Boy Review

A father struggles to help his troubled son after he falls prey to addiction