Gary Couzens

I'm a fiction and non-fiction writer, and have been a contributor to The Digital Fix (formerly DVD Times) since 2000. I've reviewed a wide variety of films and television, with a particular specialism in Australian cinema. I've written a review special for Australia Day (26 January) for this site every year since 2002.

My Content

Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema Review

Over fourteen hours and forty thematic chapters, Mark Cousins takes us on a journey through film history through the eyes of the world's women directors.

The Overlanders Review

The first of five films Ealing Studios made in Australia, with an early lead role for Chips Rafferty, The Overlanders remains a classic. On Blu-ray from Network.

DVD Review: The Year of the Sex Olympics

Once in colour, now surviving in black and white, Nigel Kneale's play The Year of the Sex Olympics still proves ahead of its time. Released on DVD by the BFI.

The Best of COI: Five Decades of Public Information Films Review

Five decades of films made by the Central Office of Information

The Battle of the Sexes Review

Directed by Charles Crichton and starring Peter Sellers, 1960 comedy The Battle of the Sexes comes to disc from the BFI.

Blu-ray Review: Doctor Who - The Faceless Ones

The partly-missing Doctor Who story from 1967 sees the Doctor, Jamie, Polly and Ben fighting an alien threat at Gatwick Airport.

Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears Review

The Honourable Phryne Fisher gets a cinema outing

The Leunig Fragments Review

Michael Leunig is a household name as a cartoonist in Australia. This disquieting portrait finds the man somewhat out of reach.

18th Kinoteka Polish Film Festival, London 19 March - 5 April

The 18th Kinoteka Polish Film Festival takes place from 19 March to 5 April in London, with the opening night gala being Radioactive, starring Rosamund Pike as Marie Curie.

Judgment at Nuremberg Review

Stanley Kramer's film remains a compelling and disturbing film

Reaching Distance Review

A young man finds himself on a very strange bus journey in Reaching Distance

Swinging Safari Review

Stephan Elliott's fast-paced comedy of 70s Australia is at once affectionate, kitschy and savagely funny. Showing in the Oz Film Festival in London.

Blue Review

Blue takes us to various parts of the world intimately connected with the sea, and how they are under threat from overfishing and plastics pollution, and what we could do about it. Showing at the Oz Film Festival in London.

Ladies in Black Review

For Australia Day, the delightful comedy-drama Ladies in Black, directed by Bruce Beresford from the novel by Madeleine St John.

My Brilliant Career Review

On Blu-ray from Criterion UK for its fortieth anniversary, My Brilliant Career established director Gillian Armstrong and star Judy Davis and remains a classic of 1970s Australian cinema.

A City's Child Review

From near the start of the 1970s Australian Film Revival, the award-winning A City's Child. A lonely woman finds a lover - but is he all he appears to be?

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Review

Back in cinemas for its twenty-fifth anniversary, The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert is as fresh and camp as ever

Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan Review

For Australia Day, Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan, about a battle in the Vietnam War where ANZAC soldiers held off a larger force of Vietnamese.

Walkabout Review

A key part of Nicolas Roeg's decade-and-a-half great run of films, Walkabout is released on Blu-ray by Umbrella Entertainment.