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IFA 2008: Sony BDP-S5000ES Player

Pictures and info on Sony's ultimate BD player.

Paramount announces return to Blu-ray

The last major HD DVD exclusive studio announces plans to return to supporting Blu-ray.

Universal announces intentions for Blu-ray Disc

President of Home Entertainment division confirms upcoming support for the victorious high-definition format.

Blu-ray Disc Association London Press Conference

DVD Times hardware specialist David Mackenzie reports on yesterday's BDA press conference in London, organised to mark the sale of 2 million Blu-ray Discs in Europe.

Oppo HM-31 Advanced 3x1 HDMI Switch Review

Oppo's HM-31 is a solidly-built HDMI switch which will allow you to hook 3 HDMI devices up to one input.

IFA 2007: Loewe announces Blu-ray player

High-end German electronics manufacturer Loewe has announced its first player for the Blu-ray Disc format - an incredibly slick device which is officially termed the "BluTech Vision Blu-ray player". Loewe's press release mentions specifically that the company views "Blu-ray technology as the successor to DVD", placing their allegiance firmly in one camp - at least for the time being.Naturally, the player outputs 1080p/24 to compatible TVs, and supports the HD Audio Formats via an HDMI output, for HDMI 1.3 amps.The BluTech Vision player will be released in October 2007, for an as of yet unspecified price, and will be available in two finishes: Chrome Silver and Anthracite, pictures of which follow.<center><img src="" border="1" alt="" width="800" height="208"></center>

IFA 2007: Blu-ray players aplenty

Blu-ray's presence at IFA 2007 is, as promised, huge. Pioneer, Philips, Sharp, and of course, Sony, were all displaying their players for the European market, at the BDA stand. Pictures inside...

IFA 2007: Blu-ray Disc Ass'n Press Conference

David Mackenzie is live blogging the Blu-ray Disc Association Press Conference at IFA 2007. Check inside for full coverage...

Digital Video Essentials HD Review

David Mackenzie gives an overview of what to expect from the high-definition version of Joe Kane Productions' famous system calibration tool.

Blu-ray Software Sales pass 1 million

The HD DVD Promotions Group touted the hardware sales horn last week, and now the Blu-ray Disc Association touts the software sales horn this week. Read on if you're interested...

Sony BDP-S1E, European Blu-ray player forthcoming

Although Sony UK is yet to officially announce it to the public, reliable sources are indicating that their first European Blu-ray Disc player, <strong>the BDP-S1E</strong>, will arrive in May 2007 for <strong>£999.99</strong>.The BDP-S1E appears to be the European localised version of Sony's American BDP-S1 player (which is available from Sony USA for $999.95), rather than Sony USA's slimmed-down second-generation unit, the BDP-S300 (which will launch in the USA for $600 during the Summer). The BDP-S1E will feature 1080p video output, including the 1080p/24 standard, which is the holy grail for achieving truly judder-free playback (albeit on a small number of currently compatible displays). In addition, it will support the Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio formats, and will upscale current DVDs to 1080p.More news on the BDP-S1E as it arrives.