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Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.17 I'm In Love

A finale filled with warmth, love and the emotional highs. Becky Kukla reviews the momentous final episode.

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Line of Duty is back and as gripping as ever.

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Strange and otherworldly, Clarkson may carry Out of Blue but this small film has got legs of its own.

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Questionable musical theatre and love squares in the latest episode.

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A chilling account of sexual abuse, which lets Jackson's survivors tell their own stories, in their own words.

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Did the final series give the show the ending it deserved?

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Maggie Gyllenhaal mesmerises in this subtle and moving portrait of a schoolteacher spiralling out of control.

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A powerful, heartfelt documentary

Foxtrot Review

A heavy-handed approach to the futility of war

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Did Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt have the ending it deserved?

Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.12 I Need a Break

Crazy Ex Girlfriend gets back to Rebecca's mental health

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Crazy Ex Girlfriend goes there with an 'it was all a dream' episode.

Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened Review

Fyre Festival might have been a monumental failure, but Netflix's new documentary, Fyre, is definitely not

Crazy Ex Girlfriend: 4.10 I Can Work With You

Becky Kukla reviews the latest season four episode.

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From feral cats to ex-boyfriends, 'I Need Some Balance' brings another taboo topic to our screens.