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Years and Years: 1.06

Not necessarily the ending we wanted, but the ending we deserve...

Good Omens Review

Heavenly good or Hellishly bad? Good Omens sits firmly inbetween...

Years and Years: 1.05

In 2028, we're branding concentration camps. It's all a bit too real in the penultimate episode of Years and Years.

Years and Years: 1.04

With family drama coming to a head and a harrowing final 10 minutes, Russell T Davies proves he is still the gold standard for TV.

Years and Years: 1.03

The parallels with real life continue to make Years and Years intriguing - if a little disturbing - viewing...

Thunder Road Review

Jim Cummings’ dark comedy is led by the director’s engaging performance

XY Chelsea Review

Released only a week after Chelsea Manning was sent back to prison, Tim Travers Hawkins' timely documentary arrives in cinemas

Years and Years: 1.02

Stock markets crashing, lifetime presidencies and next-day deportations - Years and Years feels closer to home than ever before.

Years and Years: 1.01

Becky Kukla reviews the opening episode of Russell T Davies' latest series.

Ferrante Fever Review

It may not give much insight in Ferrante's life, but this documentary is a joyful and gentle celebration of a genius.

Line of Duty: 5.06

How the mighty fall: from the highs to the lows of Line Of Duty series finale

Line of Duty: 5.05

In a devastating penultimate episode, has Ted Hastings finally met his match? Line of Duty turns the (interview) tables on our favourite anti-corruption officer.

Styx Review

A foreboding drama which attempts to scrutinise Western bureaucracy and attitudes towards refugees.

Line of Duty: 5.04

Becky Kukla reviews the latest episode of Line of Duty series five.

Line of Duty: 5.03

A contender for the most twists and turns per episode?

Unicorn Store Review

The glitter onscreen dazzles more than the actual film.