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I'm the TV Editor for The Digital Fix, so naturally I watch and write about a lot TV! My favourite shows are Buffy, The West Wing and Hannibal but I'm a huge fan of numerous shows and have recently written extensively about Twin Peaks and The X Files, revisiting old episodes as the shows celebrate their revivals.You can also follow me on The X Cast, where I regularly talk all things X Files and on Facebook where you can like my page Baz Greenland Writer.

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Greatest TV characters - FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks

In our latest Greatest TV Characters feature, Baz Greenland discusses the brilliance behind Twin Peaks' hero Dale Cooper.

A Discovery of Witches: 1.01

Baz Greenland reviews the opening episode of the new supernatural drama.

Reverie: 1.08 Despedida

An emotional case of the week and more mystery surrounding the Reverie program in this latest season one episode.

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The Ironborn make their introduction in the latest Game of Thrones lookback from Baz Greenland.

Game of Thrones Revisited: 2.01 The North Remembers

Our Game of Thrones Revisited turns to season two next and the introduction of Stannis, Davos and Melisandre...

Bodyguard: 1.04

Bodyguard continues to keep the audience on its toes...

Reverie: 1.07 The Black Mandala

Reverie handles some grittier material this week, but does it go far enough?

Game of Thrones Revisited: 1.10 Fire and Blood

Our Game of Thrones Revisited reaches the season one finale; Baz Greenland looks at how it sets up the show's future.

Bodyguard: 1.03

Another water cooler moment as Bodyguard continues to thrill and entertain...

Game of Thrones Revisited: 1.09 Baelor

It's the game changing episode of season one as the show's most important character makes a shocking exit...

DVD Review: Crisis on Earth X

Baz Greenland look back at last year's Arrowverse crossover as 'Crisis on Earth X' gets a DVD release.

Reverie: 1.06 Pas de Deux

Mara's past is explored in the latest episode of Reverie.

Game of Thrones Revisited: 1.08 The Pointy End

The downfall of House Stark continues in this epic episode penned by George RR Martin himself.

Game of Thrones Revisited: 1.07 You Win or You Die

Tywin debuts skinning a deer as Robert exits the show in the next Game of Thrones Revisited from Baz Greenland

Reverie: 1.05 Altum Somnum

Baz Greenland reviews the latest episode of the new sci-fi series.

Game of Thrones Revisited: 1.06 A Golden Crown

Viserys Targaryen gets what he asks for in the latest Game of Thrones Revisited from Baz Greenland.

Game of Thrones Revisited: 1.05 The Wolf and the Lion

The conflict between the Starks and Lannisters begins in our latest Game of Thrones Revisited; season one's 'The Wolf and the Lion'

Reverie: 1.04 Blue Is The Coldest Color

More dark secrets about Onira Tech are revealed in this latest episode...