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I'm the TV Editor for The Digital Fix, so naturally I watch and write about a lot TV! My favourite shows are Buffy, The West Wing and Hannibal but I'm a huge fan of numerous shows and have recently written extensively about Twin Peaks and The X Files, revisiting old episodes as the shows celebrate their revivals.You can also follow me on The X Cast, where I regularly talk all things X Files and on Facebook where you can like my page Baz Greenland Writer.

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"The only real reaction I got was from the little kids who thought the character was groovy." Interview with Star Trek and Babylon 5 icon Walter Koenig

The Star Trek icon talks about his time on the show, the inspiration for Chekov, his favourite moments of the franchise and his wider career, including his time as Bester on Babylon 5.

The Gifted: 2.02 UnMoored

There was plenty of conflict in the ranks as The Gifted season two continues...

Doctor Who: 11.03 Rosa

A deeply emotional, timely episode of Doctor Who that will surely resonate with audiences everywhere...

A Discovery of Witches: 1.06

A Discovery of Witches delivered its most focused and intense episode yet.

From Deep Space Nine's 25th anniversary to the future of Star Trek: Highlights from the opening day of Destination Star Trek

The potential return of Worf, Troi and Crusher, the legacy of DS9 and Star Trek and reflections on the characters of the franchise...

Game of Thrones Revisited: 3.02 Dark Wings, Dark Words

Ramsey Bolton and Olenna Tyrell make their debut as our Game of Thrones revisited continues into season three...

Game of Thrones Revisited: 3.01 Valar Dohaeris

Tyrion adjusts to life after Hand of the King and Daenerys ventures into Slaver's Bay in the season three opener. Baz Greenland continues his look backs at Game of Thrones...

The Gifted: 2.01 eMergence

The Gifted is back for season two. Baz Greenland reviews the opening episode of the mutant drama.

Doctor Who: 11.02 The Ghost Monument

The Doctor and her new companions take their first trip to an alien world...

A Discovery of Witches: 1.05

The rich world building seems to be paying off in the fifth episode of A Discovery of Witches.

Simple but effective - A spoiler free preview of this Sunday's Doctor Who 'The Ghost Monument'

What's in store for the Doctor and her companions this Sunday? Baz Greenland teases episode two with some spoiler-free musings...

Game of Thrones Revisited: 2.10 Valar Morghulis

It's a time of refection and change and the tease of bigger things to come as our Game of Thrones Revisited reaches the season two finale.

The Great British Bake Off: 9.07 Vegan Week

It was the first ever vegan week on #GBBO. How did the bakers fare without eggs, butter or milk? Easily, surely?

Game of Thrones Revisited: 2.09 Blackwater

It's the siege of King's Landing as our Game of Thrones look backs reach the biggest episode to date.

Doctor Who: 11.01 The Woman Who Fell To Earth

It's a new era for Doctor Who. Baz Greenland reviews Jodie Whittaker's debut as the Doctor.

A Discovery of Witches: 1.04

The show gains momentum as the first season reaches its mid point.

A fresh start and a welcome return: Spoiler-free thoughts on Sunday's Doctor Who 'The Woman Who Fell To Earth'

Baz Greenland gives his spoiler-free musings on Jodie Whittaker's debut as The Doctor.

Game of Thrones Revisited: 2.08 The Prince of Winterfell

Our Game of Thrones look backs head into late season two with the somewhat directionless 'The Prince of Winterfell'...