Baz Greenland

I'm the TV Editor for The Digital Fix. Not surprisingly, I watch a lot television! Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Babylon 5 and The West Wing are my favourite shows of all time - Westworld is my favourite show currently on TV and I'm also rather fond of Doctor Who, The X Files, Twin Peaks, Hannibal, Alias and Frasier.I love working with my team of writers to bring reviews, features and interviews about TV and am always looking for potential new writers to join the team. I also run a team of Big Finish writers for The Digital Fix, producing reviews regularly for the site.Outside of The Digital Fix, I have recently written a short story 'The Dinner Party' for the Doctor Who spin-off Lethbridge Stewart range from Candy Jar books and am putting the finishing touches to a Lethbridge Stewart novel out later in 2020.

My Content

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