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I'm the TV Editor for The Digital Fix, so naturally I watch and write about a lot TV! My favourite shows are Buffy, The West Wing and Hannibal but I'm a huge fan of numerous shows and have recently written extensively about Twin Peaks and The X Files, revisiting old episodes as the shows celebrate their revivals.You can also follow me on The X Cast, where I regularly talk all things X Files and on Facebook where you can like my page Baz Greenland Writer.

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Game of Thrones Revisited: 1.04 Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things

Jon befriends Sam at the Wall, Ned wades deeper into the schemes and machinations of King's Landing, Daenerys makes a stand against Viserys and Tyrion loses in the latest of our look backs at Game of Thrones season one.

Game of Thrones Revisited: 1.03 Lord Snow

The Starks arrive at Kings Landing while Jon reaches the Wall in the latest of our look backs at Game of Thrones season one.

Reverie: 1.03 No More Mr Nice Guy

The third episode of the new sci-fi series is its strongest yet.

Game of Thrones Revisited: 1.02 The Kingsroad

Baz Greenland continues his look back at Game of Thrones before the final season with a revisit of the second episode of season one...

Game of Thrones Revisited: 1.01 Winter Is Coming

In the lead up to the long awaited final season of the critically acclaimed Game of Thrones, Baz Greenland looks back at every episode leading up to it, starting with 'Winter Is Coming'

Reverie: 1.02 Bond. Jane Bond

Our reviews of new sci-fi series Revere continue as Baz Greenland discusses the second episode 'Bond. Jane Bond'

Reverie: 1.01 Apertus

Baz Greenland reviews the opening episode of new sci-fi series Reverie.

The Season Four Reboot: How Successful Are TV Series Reinventions?

Baz Greenland discusses the high and lows of season fours - the point in which TV shows needs to reinvent themselves to survive...

Humans: Series Three Review

Baz Greenland reviews the dramatic third series of Humans, which upped the stakes in a political war between Humanity and Synth...

Westworld: 2.10 The Passenger

Westworld delivered a huge finale that took the show in an interesting new direction for the future. Baz Greenland reviews.

Interview with film and TV composer Kris Bowers

Baz Greenland talks to composer Kris Bowers about his work on everything from Dear White People, to Q-Tip, Michelin star chefs and the Obamas...

Westworld: 2.09 Vanishing Point

The sorry, sad path of the Man in Black forms the key focus of the penultimate episode of Westworld season two...

Westworld: 2.08 Kiksuya

A beautiful, sublime episode that takes Westworld in an intriguing new direction.