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A London Trilogy: The Films of Saint Etienne 2003-2007 in July

The film collaborations of Saint Etienne and Paul Kelly, coming to BFI DVD.

Elstree Story in July

Celebrating 25 years of the famous British film studio.

Little Deaths in August

British horror anthology heading to DVD.

The Horsemen Review

John Frankenheimer's 1971 Afghanistan epic, coming soon exclusively from MovieMail.

Welcome to the Punch in July

Evan Creevy's follow-up to Shifty comes to UK DVD and Blu-ray.

Stolen in August

Nic Cage thriller coming to UK DVD and Blu-ray.

Le Pont du Nord in July

Jacques Rivette to get the Masters of Cinema treatment.

Ealing Rarities Volume Four in July

Four more Ealing obscurities unearthed by Network Distributing.

The Terror Review

More Edgar Wallace goodness from Network Distributing...

Emil and the Detectives in July

Two adaptations of Erich Kästner's much-loved book for the price of one.

Beware of Mr. Baker in July

Ginger Baker doc coming to UK Blu and DVD.

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie in July

BFI announce the final title in their Cassavetes collection.

State Affairs in June

French political thriller from the director of Braquo.

The Complete Humphrey Jennings (Vol 3) in July

The BFI conclude their complete Blu-ray overview of the great British filmmaker.

Spider Baby in June

Worldwide Blu-ray debut for Jack Hill's 1960 shocker.

Spanish Fly Review

The British sex comedy relocates to Spain for sunny sauciness.

We've Been Watching...

Guilty pleasures, Bowie, Criterion, Mad Mikkelsen and more...

Cloud Atlas in July

Full info on the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD editions...

Village at the End of the World in July

Greenland documentary coming to UK DVD.

Broken in July

Rufus Norris' acclaimed feature debut coming soon to UK DVD and Blu-ray.