Andrew Winter

Although he enjoys all kinds of films, Andy writes mostly about indie and foreign language cinema. He lives in Southend-on-Sea with his wife, kids and cats.

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Varda By Agnès Review

A beautiful tribute to the late, great guerrilla filmmaker and visual artist Agnès Varda.

"Audiences view Thunder Road as an indictment of the American spirit right now" – TDF interview with director Jim Cummings

Andrew Winter chats with the Thunder Road director about his heartfelt and hilarious debut feature

Orphée Review

Cocteau's classic remains essential viewing 70 years after its release

Burning Review

Burning is a thriller like no other

Diamonds of The Night Review

A superb early example of the Czechoslovak New Wave receives a well-deserved upgrade.

An Impossible Love Review

The unconditional bond between a mother and daughter

De Niro & De Palma: The Early Films Review

Robert De Niro’s waiting, talking De Palma

White Boy Rick Review

The name’s Rick. White Boy Rick.

ArteKino Festival: Pity Review

Cringe comedy and queasy horror merge