Alistair Ryder

Alistair has been writing about film and TV for three years at a number of websites, most notably Film Inquiry and Gay Essential. He's also a member of GALECA (the Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association), and once interviewed Woody Harrelson, which he will probably tell you about extensively, whether you want to hear about it, or not.

My Content

True History of the Kelly Gang Review

The legend of Ned Kelly gets a postmodern twist in True History of the Kelly Gang, starring George Mackay, Nicholas Hoult and Russell Crowe

Dark Waters Review

The truth has a man on the inside

Sonic the Hedgehog Review

Thought Sonic the Hedgehog was going to be a disaster? So did we - and we were proven wrong.

Mr. Jones Review

if you're Jonesing for a good journalism drama, this'll do the trick

Queen & Slim Review

Queen & Slim lives in the shadow of Bonnie and Clyde.

Richard Jewell Review

Clint Eastwood's latest is another cinematic jewel(l).

Sweet Country Review

Justice itself is put on trial.

Just Mercy Review

Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx star in a Death Row Drama based on real events

Uncut Gems Review

The latest from the Safdie Brothers is a gem of a thriller.

1917 Review

War, huh, yeah, what is it good for? Boring Oscar bait, say it again

Jojo Rabbit Review

An Anti-Laughter Satire

Motherless Brooklyn Review

Edward Norton becomes Edward Noir-ton in this throwback crime tale

The Two Popes Review

Sometimes one pope isn't enough

The Irishman Review

Martin Scorsese's long awaited crime epic is finally here.

The Aeronauts Review

Sorry, but this isn't a film about the invention of your favourite mint chocolate bar.

Brittany Runs a Marathon Review

Running a marathon with no training would be far more enjoyable than sitting through this.

The Addams Family Review

Less Addams Family, more Bad-ams Family.

LFF 2019: Monos Review

A group of rebel teenage commandos have been given one mission

LFF 2019: Knives Out Review

Rian Johnson's latest is a devilishly entertaining whodunnit.

Gemini Man Review

Willard Carroll Smith Jr. x 2