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Bad Education Review

Alex Hewison reviews Pedro Almodovar's dizzyingly inventive and controversial film <b>Bad Education</b>, his most recent work that, whilst not being one of his best, by no means fails to entertain. Pathé's DVD has its flaws but is generally satisfactory.

Super Size Me Review

Alex Hewison reviews this caustically funny savaging of McDonalds, involving Morgan Spurlock limiting himself to a McDonalds based diet and literally eating nothing else for a period of 30 days. Tartan's DVD release possesses both reasnoble Av quality and a plentiful amount of extras.

The Cement Garden Review

Alex Hewison reviews this 1993 adaptation of Ian McEwen's controversial novel about teenage incest. The film - though unmistakably macabre in parts - handles this taboo theme with delicacy and intelligence, proving to be a wierdly compelling piece of cinema. Unfortuntately the DVD fails to match the film in terms of quality.

I, Robot: 2-Disc Special Edition Review

Alex Hewison takes a look ahead at next Friday's two-disc special edition DVD release of I, Robot. One of the summer’s big hits comes to DVD with a sparkling transfer, ear-shattering sound and enough extras to last you through Christmas. But do they and more importantly the film make for good viewing?

La Reine Margot Review

In conjunction with our favourite French films feature, Alex Hewison takes a look back at La Reine Margot. Generously financed and opulently gory, the film is a tempestuous spectacle of modern cinema that satisfies not only the foreign film veteran but also the initiate.

Thunderbirds Review

The critically lambasted Thunderbirds arrives on DVD. Alex Hewison takes a look at a film that tries hard but ultimately falls short of what it desires to achieve. Still, it's well served by a solid DVD edition.

One Deadly Summer Review

Alex Hewison reviews the region 2 release of this daring and erotic thriller, which despite the critical acclaim that greeted it upon its release has not aged well and is the victim of a truly poor DVD release.