Twister 2 release date, cast, plot, and more

Twister is a classic '90s movies that deserved a sequel, but never got one. That's about to change, so here's what we know about the Twister 2 release date

Twister 2 release date speculation - Helen Hunter as Jo

Will there be a Twister 2, and what might the Twister 2 release date be? Twister is a disaster movie classic and one of the most enjoyable ’90s movies around. Executive produced by cinema legend Steven Spielberg, the thriller movie was written by Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton. It follows a group of low-level (but enthusiastic) extreme weather fanatics and researchers who are chasing an outbreak of tornados in Oklahoma.

The movie featured an ensemble cast which included some big names and was nominated for two Oscars for its impressive visual effects and sound design work. So, there’s a lot to love about Twister, and the movie still has legions of devoted fans. It’s something of  a surprise, then, that Twister hasn’t been on the receiving end of a sequel yet. Well, that’s about to change.

In 2020, plans were being developed for a  Twister reboot movie, with Top Gun Maverick director Joseph Kosinski attached to helm the project. Then, in October 2022, the plans were changed. Instead of a reboot, there will be a sequel to Twister titled ‘Twisters’. So let’s get into everything we know about Twister 2, as well as Twister 2 release date speculation.

Twister 2 release date

Twister 2 is set to be released on July 19, 2024. We know that the script is complete, and the principal photography for the movie is due to start in early 2023, around Spring.

Twister 2 release date speculation - Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton as Jo and Bill

Twister 2 plot

Twister 2 is set to follow Twister and continue the story of Helen Hunt’s Dr Joanne Harding.

It will explore her relationship with her daughter, who she had with her late husband, and follow her daughter as she gains a passion for storm-chasing, just like her parents. So, your typical ‘legacy-sequel’ fare.

Jo’s husband, the character Dr William Harding, has died by the time the movie starts. This is because the actor who originally played Bill, Bill Paxton, died in 2017. The script for the movie was written by Mark L. Smith, whose previous credits include The Revenant and George Clooney’s The Midnight Sky.

Twister 2 release date speculation - Twister

Twister 2 cast speculation

The main star in the Twister 2 cast will be Helen Hunt, who will reprise her role as Jo from the first movie. Alongside her will be an actor playing the character’s daughter, but no casting news has been released on that front as of yet. So, other than Helen Hunt, the Twister 2 cast slate is totally empty

Who is in the Twister 2 cast?

  • Helen Hunt as Dr Joanne Harding

Theoretically, there could be plenty of other faces who make their return to their old characters in Twister 2. For example, don’t be surprised if we learn that Lois Smith returns as Aunt Meg.

Lee Isaac Chung, who directed Minari, has been attached to direct using a script from Mark L. Smith.

There are plenty of other actors who could potentially return to it, and we’ll keep our eyes peeled for official announcements.

Twister 2 release date speculation - Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton as Jo and Bill

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