John Malkovich takes on Johnathan Rhys Meyers in The Survivalist trailer

Malkovich is back as a sadistic baddie, and Rhys-Meyers is the saviour

John Malkovich in the Survivalist

It’s the downfall of humanity as we know it. But enough about the news, The Survivalist is a post-apocalyptic action movie about a small group trying to protect a woman from being kidnapped by a gang.

John Malkovich, of Being John Malkovich and Con-Air fame, plays Aaron, the leader of said gang. In a virus-ravaged world, one young woman, Roby Modine’s Sarah, has an immunity to the infection, and that makes her of interest to plenty of bad characters. She’s sent to find former FBI agent Ben, played by Johnathan Rhys Meyers, who reluctantly agrees to protect her when Aaron shows up. Then it’s a struggle for who lives to see another day. Kind of like the TV series Survivor, except gritty, and less real.

The Survivalist is written by Matthew Rogers and directed by Jon Keeyes. This is the second film from Keeyes this year, after thriller movie Rogue Hostage, also starring Malkovich, with Tyrese Gibson of Fast and Furious fame, and Michael Jai White, in June.

A long-time producer and director, last year Keeyes co-produced Becky, a drama film starring Kevin James as a violent Neo-Nazi. Yes, the same Kevin James who leads the comedy movie series Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Here’s The Survivalist trailer:

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The official synopsis reads: “A year and a half after the fall of civilisation due to a viral outbreak, a former FBI agent is forced to protect a young woman immune to the disease from a dangerous gang leader hunting her for her blood.”

You can catch The Survivalist in theatres and VOD from October 1.