The hosts are taking their world back in the new trailer for Westworld season two

Perhaps the biggest Superbowl TV trailer this Sunday was the long-awaited look at the upcoming second season of Westworld. We had a brief taste of the upcoming host uprising in the first teaser several months ago, but this new trailer shows us just what we can expect when the show returns this year.

The hosts - led by Delores - are taking back this world, both behind the scenes and on the theme park plains and it looks to be as exciting as ever. No glimpse yet of the long alluded Samurai World, but if that look at the robotic bison charging the soldiers in the facility isn't enough to give you goosebumps, nothing will.

Westworld returns for season two 'this spring', with new episodes airing on Sky Atlantic here in the UK. Check out our Westworld page for reviews of the first season here.

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