New Twin Peaks teaser reveals the town 25 years later...

It's less than a month until Twin Peaks finally returns to our television screens for eighteen new parts (David Lynch has said they're not traditional episodes, but 18 parts of one large TV novel), but we're still to see any new footage from the show. In fact, given the hype and secrecy, we might not see a proper trailer at all.

But this latest teaser might be the closest we're coming to new footage with a quick glimpse at the town of Twin Peaks a quarter of a century after the tragic events of series two. As you'll notice, very little has changed...

Twin Peaks season three will air on Sky Atlantic on the 23rd May. In the build up to the revival, you can check out our twice-weekly 'Twin Peaks Revisited', with today's entry here.

And check out the images from Twin Peaks by Entertainment Weekly last month.

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