Full trailer for Daredevil season two

With just over a month until Dardevil returns for season two, Netflix have finally released a full-length trailer. Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle aka Punisher takes centre stage this time round.

As to whether the Punisher will be the primary antagonist for season two, co-showrunners Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez had this to stay when promoting the new season at a recent TCA Press Tour.

"We knew, early on, that we had The Punisher and Elektra, we knew we didn’t want to repeat Season 1. It was Daredevil: Year One and Wilson Fisk: Year One. By the end of the season, he was a completely different person than he was at the beginning. We knew we had 13 episodes, so we wanted to find the coolest story we could do with these three characters and make the story feel really vibrant and alive in ways that are exciting to us.

Most importantly, we wanted to make sure everything runs through Matt because it could easily become The Punisher story or the Elektra story that Matt cameos in, and not vice versa. So, we built it like a Matt story, in terms of what we wanted to put him through, where we wanted to get him, by the end of the season, and what we wanted to have him learn about himself, and we used an Elektra and Frank story throughout, to get him there. We’re really proud of that and we really think it works.

We did also have the freedom of knowing we had 13 episodes to tell a story. It was never a Netflix mandate or a Marvel mandate, but we talked about when we watch shows in 13-episode stretches, how do we watch them? What is an exciting structure that we would like to think about here? Do we divide it right down the middle? Do we do a three-act structure? What do we do? So, we got to sit in the room and build this arc that we think is satisfying, on its own. If you were to sit and watch 13 episodes, you would absolutely feel a structure, much like in the comics. That’s what we did this season." - Netflix

The entire second season of Daredevil will be available on Netflix on the 18th March.

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