First trailer for Agents of SHIELD season five

After a strong fourth year (creatively and narratively), the upcoming fifth season of Agents of SHIELD looks to be even bigger and bolder as the team find themselves in space.

The new trailer for season five certainly looks fun, filled with action, humour and a sci-fi homage or two. There is also a whole host of new characters.

Jeff Ward's Deke is described by ABC as the "ultimate survivor and roguish scavenger", while Eve Harlow's Tess is a character who's been dealt a pretty tough hand in life but is more than ready to overcome whatever's thrown at her.

Coy Stewart's Flint is based on a character from the Inhumans comics, young, but with a hunger to succeed. And Pruitt Taylor Vince's Grill, has been described as  "gruff taskmaster" who doesn't have time for bullshit. He's "not easily fooled, "or crossed", apparently.

The series returns with a two-hour premier in the States on the 1st December and will likely air in the UK in early 2018. In the meantime, catch up on our review of Agents of SHIELD season four here.

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